Brisbane blocked drain plumber.

September 11, 2015

Why is your drain blocking?

This year has not been a wet year by any means. Lack of rainfall has meant the ground in most of South East Qld and Brisbane has been very dry. This dry environment causes the sub soil on your property to start to crack, and move around slightly. When you have a fixed sewer drain below ground this is easily broken as it cannot resist the huge strength of moving earth. Even a slight movement is enough to cause a crack in the drainage pipework.

A small crack in the drainage pipe can lead to 2 things –
1 – Any vegetation below ground in close proximity will strive to get to as much water as possible to survive and grow. So naturally it will gravitate to the broken pipe. This causes tree roots etc to build up in the drain line as it continues to flourish inside the pipe due to so much constant water flowing through it.
2 – Movement in the pipe causes an imbalance in the pipe which will create sharp edges protruding into the pipe. This will then lead to solids, and paper catching on this edge and starting to create a buildup of debris. This will lead to a blockage.

We recommend a full check of your sewer line. We can organise a camera inspection and good water jet clean of the pipe to assess that all is well. If any areas are in need of repair we can alert you to this and show you exactly where and at what depth. We can then provide you with a quotation to repair this if you wish.

Regular periodic maintenance is preventative. This could save a whole lot of pain and cost down the track. Something to think about for both your sewer drain, and stormwater.

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