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Common causes for concern in regard to our drinking water in Queensland is often related to dust and sediment. Rust is the result of old galvanized or similar pipework breaking down over time and causing discolouration and particles to cause damage to hot water units, tapware, filters, appliances such as dishwashers, washing machines and coffee machines. Other issues in our water supply can be caused by fluoride. A bad taste or smell can result due to the possibility of dissolved chemicals within our drinking water.

With all the sudden storms and floods that Brisbane experiences, there is no way that mud and rubbish can be kept out of the water catchment areas. Even though the council has since designated large sums of money to improve the banks of rivers with more vegetation, back in 2012 the catchment region for Mid-Brisbane failed the health test with an F, just like on a school report card.

While many residents of Brisbane get a lot of pleasure out of relaxing on the banks of the Brisbane River as it winds though the city, it is this very waterway that failed the test, due mainly to riverbed slumping and an overflow of nutrients being washed into the river. Since then, improvements to the water have been seen in several catchment areas, so the planned improvements have been a worthwhile endeavour.

What is that taste?

However, even in times when no flooding occurs, the additives in the water can be tasted. The chlorine taste is the main culprit, and one that is increasingly causing people to look elsewhere for more palatable drinking water. Brisbane residents often overcome the problem of unpleasant or unhealthy water by buying bottled water, but this is a more expensive (and not an environmentally friendly) option.

What Water Filters Do

Filters will make a big difference to the taste and the look of tap water. Fitted before the tap, they also filter out bacteria such as Guardia and Cryptosporidium, parasites that can cause unpleasant health problems. However, filters do not take out fluoride, and the natural salts that are found in water. Having such a filter in place is an easy way to get the best tasting water possible.

While simple for a trained plumber to install, the job is not one that should be undertaken by anyone without the necessary training. We have all laughed at funny TV movies where the handyman makes a big mess of the wall while water spurts out from unexpected places. This can happen in real life much more easily than you may think, especially if the plumbing is a bit old. And it is not nearly as funny when it happens to you – especially when you get that large repair bill.

Water leaks in the kitchen can damage the cupboards – especially those made from chipboard – the flooring and the walls as well. To avoid expensive repairs and the trauma involved in cleaning up the mess, contact our friendly Citi Plumbing professionals in Brisbane either by phone 1300 002 484 or simply fill in the free quote form on the right side of the page. We will have a water filter installed in your kitchen in no time.

The question to ask is not “why should I get a water filter?”, but “why would I not get a water filter?

Most recently manufactured refrigerators have water filters installed to protect the water going into them. If your refrigerator is not fitted with one, it will most likely be the manufacturers advice to install a water filter to the water supply so as not to void the warranty on the refrigerator. Contact us if you have any questions on this issue.

Please call Citi Plumbing to discuss your best options for water filtration for your home or business. We both SUPPLY and INSTALL all kinds of water filters.