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Citi Plumbing specialises in providing extensive Gas services to Brisbane Metro and the wider Brisbane area from the Gold Coast to the Sunshine Coast. We are fully licensed and our specialist expertise allows us to give you the right advice. We are also well placed to offer advice as to the safety and repair of existing systems.

We supply and install gas materials, valves, regulators etc for new installations. We are experienced in providing clients with the service and installation of complete Gas systems and gas related products in the residential, commercial and Industrial areas.

Safe and professional servicing of your Gas system and gas appliances is crucial to insure the ongoing safety in both your residential home or your business.

Please always ensure you protect yourself by following the below advice from Citi Plumbing:

  • Please ensure you do not attempt to install or repair appliances yourself. If you have an urgent matter please call 1300 00 2484 to speak to one of our service staff.
  • Ensure your Gas Appliances are serviced regularly by certified professionals.
  • Do not leave any flammable or corrosive materials near gas or flame.
  • Always consult a Gas Service professional before initiating any repairs to assess risk and save injury or worse, fatality.
  • In the event of a gas fire at your premises, ONLY if it safe to do so, turn off the gas valve at your natural gas meter, or at the LP gas bottles. Evacuate the area and call 000 for help.
  • If you smell gas at any stage within your premises after being absent for a period of time, DO NOT use any power. Do not turn on any lights etc. This may cause a source of ignition and ignite the gas that has leaked within that confined space.
  • Always remember to fully turn off all appliances after use.
  • Never use space heaters in small un-ventilated spaces.
  • Phone us on 1300 00 2484, or the Qld Gas Association for any further tips on gas safety.

Citi Plumbing advises the following for care and safety of Gas and Gas Systems:

  • That all gas appliances be checked every two years by a qualified technician.
    All gas flames should be blue with no yellow tips, if yellow flame or carbon deposits are present it is a sure sign that it is time to have your burners serviced.
  • Sore eyes or throat can be an indication that there are flue leaks from gas appliances. Call for an assessment if you have any concerns.
  • Carbon Monoxide is colourless and extremely toxic, any suspected leaks should be investigated and repaired immediately. Better to be safe than sorry as they say!!

Our professional team of Fully licensed Brisbane Gas Plumbers can provide the below category of services:

  • Gas hot water
  • Gas cook topsFree standing cookers
  • Commercial gas equipment and appliances
  • Gas heaters
  • Wood fired pizza ovens
  • Space heaters
  • Gas BBQ
  • Coffee roasting systems
  • Gas pipelines for supply to larger projects