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Commercial Plumbing

We are specialist Brisbane Commercial plumbers. We have provided large companies and business with extensive commercial plumbing services over a long period of time. We pride ourselves on providing quality service and products. Read more…

Industrial Plumbing

Our experienced team of Brisbane Industrial plumbers have provided large companies and business with extensive Industrial plumbing services. We provide knowledge, advice and a quality service. Read more…

Plumbing for your home!

Within your home, plumbing is used everyday, and not maintaining or servicing your home plumbing system can cause issues and concerns that can lead to larger and more expensive problems in the future. See how Citi Plumbing can help your Home and House Plumbing needs. Read more…

Greasetrap Installations and Sales

We are the premier Greasetrap installers in Brisbane.  Make sure that you choose a plumber that has lots of experience installing Grease Traps. Read more to find out why…. Read more…

Hot Water Systems

Hot water is an integral part of all residential, commercial and industrial premises. We are dedicated to bringing you top quality Hot water Plumbing services and sound advice on where you can save money. Read more…

Gas Systems

Citi Plumbing specializes in providing extensive Gas services in Brisbane Metro and the wider Brisbane area. Our specialist expertise means we are well placed to offer advice as to the safety and repair of your gas systems. Read more…

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