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Underwood is located on the South-East side of Brisbane approximately 18 kilometres from the CBD. Conveniently nestled alongside the Pacific Motorway, the suburb is quite easily accessible and is therefore home to a mix of industrial, commercial and urban developments. There are two main residential complexes within the suburb (Arriva and Jacaranda) which house the majority of residents. The residential dwellings in the area are primarily separate houses which is typical for established post war suburbs in Brisbane. However there has been an increase in units and semi detached dwellings on offer in recent years as developers move towards making the suburb a self sufficient urban hub.

Underwood suburb plumbing districtThe residents of Underwood have been using Citi Plumbing for many years. The suburb is close to our base and our plumbers are always spotted in the area. Many of our plumbers have grown up on this side of town and have strong roots in the community. The majority of residents in Underwood are homeowners so we are constantly getting home improvement plumbing work such as full bathroom renovations, rain water tank installations, gas hot water and cooking system installations, as well as your general plumbing work. As the suburb has been around for quite some time, we also seem to get a few jobs where old tree roots have started invading drains. This can cause quite a headache for any homeowner and can quickly become a danger to the house and its foundations if the drains are left unchecked. Coming into storm season it is important that your gutters and drains are clear and undamaged to ensure that stormwater is kept away from the house.

Being the bustling little hub that Underwood is, there is always a need for plumbers who can look after commercial plumbing jobs too. Our team of highly skilled plumbers have been helping business owners in the area for many years dealing with commercial plumbing fitouts, gas pipelines, and commercial dishwashers just to name a few!

So whether your a proud Underwood homeowner or a local business in need, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. Give us a call or fill in the form on the right to get a free no obligation quote on fixing your plumbing problem.