Plumbers, electricians Australia’s richest tradies, charging more than the average lawyer

May 11, 2016

Plumbers charging more than the average lawyer.  How is this possible?

As plumbers we enjoyed reading this interesting article that appeared today on (link at bottom of this post)

It compares Australian tradespeople with lawyers, and states that the average tradie is earning more than the average lawyer.  Plumbers are stated as the highest earning.   It is baffling how this could actually be written by semi-intelligent people.  It is obviously clickbait.  Have a read of the comments as well for a good laugh.

Some basic facts.  


Tradespeople including plumbers have –

  • a large amount of tools required to work.  These needs constant repairs and maintenance.
  • they come to the client.  The client doesn’t go to them in a fixed position.  This results in large volumes of “dead” travel time.
  • they must warranty work or repair it at their cost which must be accounted for.
  • they are not protected by industry recognised limited liability clauses protecting them from accountability.
  • charging $85/hour is nowhere near enough to cover all the associated costs of running a business.

Lawyers on the other hand –

  • charge usually in times slots whether it is used up or not, resulting in hourly gains on their billable time.
  • generally charge $250-$500 per hour for legal work, not $less than $40 as stated in the article.  This will be the wage for someone doing filing or copying.
  • never come to you.
  • can make mistakes and not be accountable to repair the damage caused.


Click away on this link – Article HERE