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What is backflow prevention?


Backflow valve, backflow prevention and backflow testing are required to protect the domestic water supply from being contaminated by any harmful liquids or products that could accidentally siphon back into the water lines.

All water authorities require that certain types of backflow valves are fitted to water lines.  Depending on what the level of hazard is, will determine what type of backflow valve will be required to be installed.  As an example – a fire hose reel may need a double check valve to be fitted.  If a greasetrap is installed close to a water supply outlet, then a restricted pressure zone device ( RPZD ) will need to be fitted to that water supply.

All backflow valves are required to have regular servicing and testing to ensure that the valve is in good condition and is performing the tasks that is designed to do.  Some water authorities have a register of valves at certain premises and do regular checks to see if the valves are up to standard.

We are fully licensed to do the following –

  • backflow valve supply
  • backflow valve installation
  • backflow valve testing
  • RPZ valve
  • Double check valve

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