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Coorparoo is one of those suburbs that embodies Brisbane. Its long history, dating back to 1875, has meant that the suburb has been part of the fabric of Brisbane for well over a century.

The former name of Coorparoo, Four Mile Camp, is also an indication of the great proximity the suburb has to the CBD of Brisbane. This location, coupled with the hilly topography of the area has meant that the suburb has had a rebirth of sorts over the past few years. Older homes are being renovated and refurbished as young families and professional couples move in.

Coorparoo Plumbing areaThe beautiful city views and the leafy surrounds that are hallmarks of this well-established suburb all add to the appeal of Coorparoo as a place to live, and it is quickly becoming one of the most sought after locations on the south side of Brisbane.

The People and Places of Coorparoo

With a population within touching distance of 15,000, and a younger-than-average demographic, the culture of Coorparoo is quickly incorporating new cafes, restaurants and schools as the demand for all of these things grows.

The iconic Eastern Suburbs Rugby League Club, known locally simply as Easts, also has its Langlands Park home base in the heart of Coorparoo.

The long history of the suburb means that there are a number of homes that are listed for heritage protection, including the RSL Memorial Hall and the original Coorparoo Fire Station.

Renovators Need Plumbers

Older suburbs such as these are undergoing changes in both home and business populations and that means that Citi Plumbing has done a great deal of work in the area, and is known as a reliable and trusted Coorparoo plumber.

The many older homes in the area need regular maintenance and care to ensure that small inconveniences never become home-damaging problems.

At the same time, renovations and refurbishments of bathrooms and kitchens in existing homes demand experience and patience. At Citi Plumbing, we have a reputation for working with our clients to give them the exact result they are looking for.

Conversion of existing spaces into trendy cafes, bars and restaurants also requires attention to detail, including grease trap installation. Our CitiPlumbing team knows that small businesses and large businesses alike are looking for a high quality and cost effective solution for their needs.

If you live or have a business in Coorparoo, and need a plumber for home maintenance, general plumbing, grease trap installation, emergency plumbing repairs, or to provide a quote for some renovations, then be sure to give us a call.

We will always offer you a free, no obligation quote so just fill in the short contact form to the right, or call us on 1300 002 484 – we’re look forward to speaking with you.